We Activate Marketing Data

Corporate Overview

Based in San Francisco with offices in Southern California and Florida, we are a customer data company that drives strategy and implementation for marketing data, insights, decisions, and activations. We integrate leading Customer Data Platforms and Analytics technologies to drive high-performing and efficient marketing programs. All of our work respects consumer preferences and controls while creating business value and preparing our clients for the AI-driven tools of the future.

We ensure that marketers can control their own system to create niche segments and personalized customer experiences, presenting the right offer or message at the right time. We are also leading the industry with licenseable measurement and platform connection solutions.

We are a team of “corporate refugees.” We’ve all had big jobs but have chosen to work our craft together. We have two talented and interdisciplinary groups:

  • Data Services (data strategists, analysts, visualization designers, engineers, and data and systems architects)
  • Digital Marketing Services (marketing strategists, program designers, art directors, writers, media planners, media buyers, developers and more for campaign execution)

We’re different. Really. Here’s what you can expect.

  • Experience We are a privately-held firm made up of experienced professionals who like doing the work. We’ve run large organizations and worked with leading companies, and we bring maturity, professionalism and realism to every engagement.
  • Process and Project Management We pride ourselves on processes that provide transparency to all stakeholders. We over-communicate and write everything down. The result is reduced anxiety and a strong sense of confidence in the progress, financials, and people.
  • Agility We are built to deliver on the true promise of personalized and individualized marketing•efficiently and effectively. We are not encumbered by legacy people, processes or public ownership.
  • Vision We are unique in our vision of building marketing programs that deliver on strategic business objectives from the data all the way to program design and creative execution.

The Scientists

David Burk is an energizer. Companies and groups David has founded have garnered recognition for product, service, business and cultural excellence. He was honored as one of the top 100 most inspirational graduates in the 75-year history of the UCLA Anderson School of Business.

David Burk, CEO


Zach brings 20+ years of experience working with leading brands to identify and harvest the power of their data in order to drive corporate objectives for maximum impact.

Zachary Van Doren, President 


Tamara Osheroff is an expert in developing data-driven relationship strategies, she has shaped more than a dozen national customer engagement programs across her 20+ years in the marketing industry.

Tamara Osheroff, EVP Client Services and Operations


Matt is a data-driven application development and systems architecture leader with extensive experience developing marketing data ETL systems. His idea of fun is effectively connecting offline and online data sources to support marketing.

Matt Ajple, SVP, Technology