Maximize Your Data

Customer Data Platforms

Enable Data to Make Your Marketing More Effective and Efficient

Data-driven marketing requires the data to be in the right place at the right time. We implement Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) to enable returns to marketers and their businesses. We focus on unlocking the critical benefits of customer data for you. Here’s what you can expect.

  1. Marketing Effectiveness and Efficiency. We can laser focus on goals such as higher order values, reduced churn, loyalty, and campaign ROI.
  2. Data Regulatory Compliance. Crucially important to our initiatives is ethical marketing. Do customers have one place to signal their preferences or their desire to invoke data privacy regulations such as the right to be forgotten. If there isn’t an audit trail, it didn’t happen.
  3. Marketer Control of Customer Data and Access. Marketing is often on a different time-cycle than other groups in the organization. We reduce time to data, segmentation, and data pulls, allowing marketers to strike as soon as a customer’s behavior or an internal KPI warrants action.
  4. Integration of Disparate Systems and Channels. Many marketers have a lot of data coming in from many channels. We help to harmonize that data so you can create omnichannel journeys, campaigns and predictive models.
  5. Better Customer Experience. Customers expect a seamless experience. Our work supports targeted and personalized communications at the right time. Our goal is “the least amount of the most effective marketing.”
  6. Competitive Advantage. Managing customer data correctly and systematically is difficult. We are the right partner to get you competitive advantage quickly.
  7. Future Readiness. Ultimately, machines can infer triggers from large numbers of customer behaviors, and that’s where marketing is heading. AI can only “learn” through access to accurate, marketing-intentioned data. That’s our promise.