Maximize Your Data

Customized Marketing

Prepare Your Business for More Targeted Growth

Most companies struggle to leverage the large amounts of marketing and sales data they collect. Without a clear understanding of what business data is telling you, it is impossible to get any guidance from it.

Data provides crucial direction when important business decisions need to be made. Through analysis of meaningful data, businesses better positioned themselves for rapid growth.

CMO Labs collects data from all of your marketing sources, processes it and makes sense of it. Well-managed data leads to targeted, strategic and tactical recommendations and marketing data solutions that are customized specifically to the goals of your company.

Understand Who, How and Why People Respond to Your Value Proposition

  • Achieve greater profitability
  • Gain higher returns on marketing investments,
  • Refine and tweak marketing strategies and tactics with confidence

Third Party Data Strategy

In concert with the the management of one’s own marketing¬†and sales data, CMO Labs can also define and develop a third person party data strategy as a means to optimize:

  • Targeting and personalization
  • Audience segmentation and enrichment
  • Multi-channel activation and promotions distribution

CMO Labs works with third party data access hubs such as LiveRamp DataStore to access hundreds of providers across the following sectors:

  • Mobile Behavioral
  • TV / Cross media
  • Transaction data
  • Political
  • Retail & CPG
  • Demographic
  • B2B list acquisition

CMO Labs extracts meaningful insights from all of your marketing data. It employs a range of tactical strategies and pairs them with powerful data extraction and synchronization tools, to present your data in the most readable, user-friendly formats.