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Datorama Certified Partner

Get to Marketing Intelligence Faster With Datorama and CMO Labs

CMO Labs is a certified services integration partner of Datorama, enabling speed to implementation and value with the cost savings and high ROI for Datorama customers. Datorama, with 100+ connectors plus AI to integrate any data source, is the Gold Standard of Marketing Intelligence, offering integration, insights and action.

Datorama Overview

Datorama Benefits & Capabilities

  • More Transparency Into Marketing Spend and Effectiveness– Developed by marketers for marketers, Datorama is purpose-built to collect and analyze data from a wide range of sources.  Once the data is harmonized, it can be used to identify spend that is working and where money is wasted.
  • Turn Insights and Action– Datorama’s Artificial Intelligence engine solves problems of integration and points to crucial, actionable steps to optimize your marketing.  AI automates the connection of all the data, unifying it for cross-channel analysis and visualization.  What’s important rises to the top.
  • Crush Your KPIs– Datorama is efficient on resources, gives a 20-30% lift on KPIs and impacts growth when implemented correctly.
  • Unify Your View– Datorama simplifies and speeds your ability to take data from fragmented silos and unify them for control by marketing professionals.

Service Options

Our Datorama-certified offering includes the following:

  • Strategy & Design– Our team assesses your current marketing KPIs, operations, systems and data; and provides an on-boarding plan that identifies the elements needed, timelines and dependencies and requirements.
  • Implementation– As a Datorama Certified Partner, CMO Labs works with you to map and implement data ingestion, data QA, data harmonization, visualization.  The deliverable is a stable, working instance that can be deployed quickly.
  • Management & Optimization– With the Datorama certified partner designation comes the expertise and experience to help you maintain the infrastructure and get the most out of the tool.  We work with you on expanding or refining your KPIs and fine-tuning the platform to guide you to maximum impact.  CMO Labs offers strategic and tactical support towards campaign planning, third-party connectors, agency partner coordination and performance tracking.
  • Analytics & Visualizations– We are able to provide exceptional visualizations to drive business presentations and decisions.  These are crucial when media spends are often the largest part of a marketing budget.