Platform Services

Session M

Put Data At The Heart of Engagement

Session M fuses machine-learning, real-time decisioning, and an ability to deliver messages, offers, or loyalty tactics across any channel. With Session M, marketers are able to create smarter interactions that drive incremental behaviors and profit.

Session M is especially appropriate for clients who would like to optimize the following:

Customer Data Management

  • 360-degree Profiles
  • Purchase Propensity
  • Actionable Data
  • Dynamic Segmentation
  • Customer Scoring
  • Enhanced Analytics

Loyalty Programs

  • Points and Rewards
  • Status and Tiering
  • Promo Codes


  • Cross-Channel Campaign Management
  • Scheduled and Goal-Based Campaigns
  • Channel Optimization


  • Closed Loop Offers
  • Next Best Offer Calculation
  • Real-time ROI Calculation