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Tealium Certified Partner

Enable your Customer Data Platform through Tealium & CMO Labs

CMO Labs is a certified, services integration partner of Tealium, with expertise across its entire suite of products: TiQ Tag Management, EventStream API Hub, AudienceStream CDP, Data Access

The combined power of this suite allows our customers to connect mobile, web, offline, and other data sources together into one cohesive system, with thousands of possible integrations across the mar-tech/ad-tech landscape.

A unified customer data system, connected to marketing stack – allows many of our customers to realize their digital transformation objectives.

Tealium Customer Data Platform

Tealium Benefits & Capabilities

  • Single View of the Customer – Purpose-built to collect data from a wide range of sources, unify it together to form a comprehensive view of the customer across devices and channels, and then make that data available to other systems.
  • Agility – A tool to build and connect a flexible technology stack that adapts to ever-changing consumer behavior and changing technology trends.
  • More Effective Customer Experience and Marketing – Consumers are using more channels and devices than ever and have high expectations for being delivered a consistent customer experience. They do not like when they are advertised a product online that they’ve purchased in-store. With a CDP in place, organizations gain a complete view of customer behavior that can be used to drive the most comprehensive customer experience possible without blind spots.
  • Operational Efficiency – The task of integrating point solutions and setting up new technologies and tools used to be resource-intensive, while also not being very reliable as custom solutions can be hard to maintain. Tealium’s CDP can centralize customer data with maintained turnkey integrations saving hours of integration work.
CMO Labs offers several years of combined experience in helping organizations optimize the power of Tealium and realize its full value. This includes both individual products as well as the full suite working as an integrated stack – for both new and current customers.

Service Options

  • Strategy & Design – Our team assess your current marketing efforts, operations, systems and data; and from such assessment we provide systems design recomendation, implementation roadmap and requirements documentation. This will provide a foundation wherein customers can apply Tealium across marketing activation and measurement initiatives.
  • Implementation – CMO Labs offers a variety of system implementation services across Tealium’s suite of products. This can range from full customer-side development support where we lead actual code implementation, to requirements documentation and guidance, to systems setup and launch (ie., tagging implementation, audience segment creation).
  • Management & Optimization – The tools within Tealium’s CDP solution enable a myriad of use-cases across paid media, experience personalization, direct marketing, measurement, etc.; and CMO Labs offers strategic and tactical support towards campaign planning, outbound third-party connectors, agency partner coordination and performance tracking.
  • Analytics & Measurement – Enabled by EventStream and Data Access, CMO Labs provide a full range of support for our customers that includes BI tools integration, data modeling, data visualization and outbound reporting.