Enterprise Security Provider

Comprehensive Audit Resulting in a Single Data Warehouse

Enterprise Security Technology A leading enterprise, security technology firm came to CMO Labs seeking a comprehensive, data warehouse system for its marketing department. They were seeking data solutions that could manage marketing intelligence, marketing enablement and data integrity.

CMO Labs began the project with a comprehensive audit, examining all of the client’s marketing and sales processes. It also analyzed customer lifecycles, internal processes, and team member roles across marketing, as well as sales and business intelligence. This required the team at CMO Labs to audit all sales and marketing transaction systems to assure all processes, installations and data integrity.

A robust pipeline system was built on CMO Labs architecture, for the client’s marketing data. CMO Labs customized the pipeline to aggregate, segment and visualize the data and licensed it to the client. It included various dynamic features that could be driven by individual customer behavior.

The pipeline produced a clean data source for the firm and that data was then deposited in a data warehouse. CMO Labs layered business intelligence, visualization and predictive modeling on top of this foundation. Overall, these changes produced higher levels of customer intelligence: profiles, preferences, etc. This behavioral-based intelligence was then pushed back into website experience and CRM systems for ever more targeted and refined user personalization.