Entertainment Leader

Making Sense of Millions of Followers on all Major Social Platforms

Entertainment CompanyA popular, online entertainment company came to CMO Labs after cycling through a series of off-the-shelf, social listening and sentiment analysis tools. None of those solutions met their ambitious objectives.

The client was extremely active on social media with millions of followers on all major social platforms. This provided a treasure trove of unstructured, conversation and engagement-driven social data. But with this sheer volume, the company struggled to organize and leverage that data for truly actionable insights.

CMO Labs began by conducting a thorough assessment of the various stakeholders in the company and how they used social data.
It examined the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders and evaluated the client’s PR/marketing goals, target audiences and genres. CMO Labs then broke information down into attributes and actions that could be tracked and measured on social media.

The client’s social data was aggregated, structured and segmented. CMO Labs then developed an automated process to present the data visually, and more importantly from viewpoints relevant to each stakeholder.

Within a very short time, social engagement and audience participation increased. Social data was leveraged to gain an increased understanding of the effectiveness of their entertainment products. This data bubbled up to executive teams and influenced company decisions.