Pharmaceutical Leader

Data Unification and Dashboards for Multiple Departments

SummaryA global pharmaceutical firm had a wide range of digital applications that were in wide use among medical providers and healthcare patients. The firm came to CMO Labs seeking a consistent data-insights strategy for data derived from these applications. They needed the data distilled and visualized for all relevant stakeholders involved in each of the applications.

CMO Labs examined the role of each stakeholder actively involved with applications being developed by its internal innovation teams. This included product & marketing teams, customers, medical providers, channel partners, and more. Understanding stakeholder needs helped CMO Labs determine which data should be presented, and how.

CMO Labs brought all of the client’s data together in a customized dashboard. For end-customers, CMO Labs managed the embedded installation of the customized dashboard, in conjunction with the client’s technical teams. Dashboards provided data visualization through charts and various views. These were designed and branded in conjunction with each application.

Organized marketing data ultimately provided a range of actionable recommendations for the client. Various teams improved app features and optimize promotional efforts through reports delivered within the data views. Teams reported that customer retention and application use increased as a direct result of clear, data insights driving action.