What We Do

Ingest, Harmonize, Analyze and Activate Your Marketing Data

According to a survey by Wunderman, 87% of consumers now measure their experiences with any brand against Netflix, Uber and Amazon. That means a seamless experience regardless of device, location or time. That “seamless experience” is driven by customer data.

CMO Labs is a customer data company that integrates data and technology to support seamless customer experiences. By harmonizing disparate data into one marketing-controlled platform, we help clients trust their data, garner insights, make decisions, and activate. This in turn provides a strong framework for customer preference and privacy compliance, while preparing them for AI-driven tools of the future.

Customer Data Layer Audit, Discovery and Recommendations

The biggest hurdle to a successful customer data layer implementation is the discovery of available data, applications, events and dimensions. With this information, we can work toward KPIs for the business.

Customer Data Systems Assessment and Recommendations

If you’re confused by the 7,000+ marketing technology solutions out there, we’re here to help. As a certified partner for leading vendors such as Tealium, Datorama, LiveRamp, SessionM, Treasure Data and many more, we can help you issue an RFP, manage the selection process and recommend best practices to maximize return on existing platforms. Ultimately, you’ll get the updated features and capabilities required to reach your customer data insight and activation goals.

Customer Data Strategy

We are experts at data audit, hygiene, flows, ingestion and harmonization. Our customer data strategy offering is focused on getting you the benefit of modern customer data platforms.

  1. Insights and Orchestration. Creating segments and allowing those segments to be used in diverse execution channels. More importantly, data can drive marketing action.
  2. 360-degree Understanding. Combining profiles and creating a complete, well-rounded understanding of customer behaviors at a very granular level.
  3. Identity Resolution. Combining profiles and attributes from multiple platforms and systems into a single customer record.
  4. Event Syndication. Feeding data to other systems to enable modeling, insights and activations.

Customer Data Systems Integration

We are certified partners of the leading technologies in these key areas:

  • Customer Data Platforms
  • Data Visualization and Analysis
  • Identity Stitching and Resolution
  • Marketing Automation

Marketing Program Activation

The great promise of customer data is “the least amount of the most effective marketing.” We help you build the programs and campaigns, from programming to creative execution, that will support your customers’ journeys. Ask us about the “money slide” we have in our capabilities deck demonstrating how technology, customer data, behavior and creative can work together to create a seamless experience for your customers.